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Big Brother Diaper Kit

The Big Brother Diaper Kit helps big brothers be part of the festivities!  Filled with goodies galore the bag has a great "Big Brother" logo printed on it so everyone knows who it belongs to! Even if Big Brother isn't quite old enough to handle diaper duty on his own, he'll appreciate having special toys that they can share with the newest family member.

Big Sister Diaper Kit

Being a Big Sister is a big responsibility, and the Big Sister Diaper Kit helps her get ready for the job! Filled with items just for her, and other items to help with the new baby, the Big Sister Diaper Kit is a great way to talk about what a big help she can be when the new baby arrives. 

Kid Activity Pack

The Kid Activity Pack is filled with activity books, crayons, pencils, travel games, and other goodies to help keep kids 2 - 6 entertained. Comes in a handy, reusable tote that can be a personal 'go' bag for years!


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