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Daddy Tool Belt
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Daddy Tool Belt

Our Daddy Tool Belt is a diaper tool belt that dad can use for years.  The unique, humorously illustrated assembly and step-by-step diaper changing instructions are hilarious.  These instructions  will help prepare him for all the toys, furniture, bikes, wagons, swing sets, and other fun stuff Dads get to assemble in their new career. 

Features include:

  • A 5-pocket, 2-loop canvas tool belt individually hand-stamped for a unique, personal touch. Once Daddy moves beyond Diaper Changing the tool belt can be filled with tools, nails, and other necessities so that Daddy always has the right tools for the job.
  • Safety and necessary equipment for Dad:
  • Eye protection goggles (safety glasses)
  • Hearing protection aids (ear plugs)
  • Hand protective film (disposable gloves)
  • Nose/face protection unit (surgical mask)
  • Arms Length Gripper (metal tongs)
  • Essential Diaper Changing Supplies:
  • 2 disposable Tush Wipes (wipes for baby's tush)
  • 2 flexible shielding pads (disposable changing pads)
  • Baby distraction device (pacifier)
  • Protective Barrier Cream (diaper cream)
  • Absorbent Odor Control Powder (baby powder)
  • 2 bio-waste collection units (diapers)
  • 2 disposable waste containers (disposable diaper bags)
  • 2 decontamination wipes (anti-bacterial hand wipes)
  • Illustrated assembly instructions (an absolute riot!)
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