Daddy Tool Belts

Diaper tool belts for new dads!

Our mission is to equip new fathers with all of the tools that they need to be the best, most involved, dad that they can be.

At Daddy Tool Belts we're all about finding the perfect tool belt for dad. With the largest selection of new daddy tool belts on the web you can find the perfect co-ed baby shower, first Father's Day, office baby shower, new dad or congratulations gift. Whether you're looking for a diaper tool belt to welcome Daddy's Little Girl, Daddy's Little Boy - or even a special gift for Father of Twins or Triplets, we've got you covered.


Daddy Tool Belt

Daddy Tool Belt

Our Daddy Tool Belt is a perfect combination of fun and functionality. The rugged five-pocket canvas tool belt is packed with 20 essential diaper changing supplies. The one-of-a-kind illustrated instruction manual and step-by-step diaper changing instructions are hilarious and will make diaper changing fears disappear.

New Grandpa Toolbelts

Don't forget new Grandpas!

Grandpa Tool Belts are a great way to include Grandpa in the hussle and bussle in welcoming the new arrival. Diaper tool belts make great new grandpa gifts - even if diaper changing isn't his thing. Fun and unique, and made just for Grandpa, our diaper tool belts are a great way to announce the coming of a new grandbaby!

Big Brother Kits

New Big Brother and Sister Kits

Filled with items for both the new baby and Big Brother or Big Sister, these personalized Diaper Kits let older children be a part of the preparations for the new baby. Even if Big Brother or Big Sister aren't quite old enough to handle diaper duty on their own, they'll appreciate having special toys that they can share with the newest family member.

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